Question 2 shops, only 1 website?
AnswerFor practical reasons we have decided to continue with one website, covering both shops information. Our beautiful shops have their own personality and identity but the important information we want to show on our website, can be handled on a single domain.

How convenient is this… whether you go to or, you will find always the information you are looking for.

Question Do you have a webshop?
AnswerWe don’t have a webshop (yet), maybe one day but for now we prefer to focus on our beautiful “off-line shops” Colette & Cuplé Maastricht.
Question I know what I want, can you send it to me?
AnswerAbsolutely! Contact us by phone or email and we will try to help you. We are no webshop but we can send you the procedures and instructions, in this way you will receive your desired item. As we are no webshop, the normal shop buying conditions are valid.
Question I live outside the EU but visit Maastricht, do you offer tax refund?
AnswerWelcome to Maastricht, of course we can help you with tax refund documentation. Any purchase you make in Colette or Cuplé Maastricht, above €100 we can provide you the tax refund papers. See you soon 🙂
Question Do you have a customer loyalty program?
AnswerWe are really pleased with our returning customers. In both our shops we offer a customer loyalty program. Feel free to ask us about it, we will gladly introduce you to the program we offer.