About us

In the “Stokstraatkwartier” in Maastricht, a well known hot spot for (real) fashion lovers, you will find our two boutique shops, Colette and Cuplé Maastricht.

In 2013, Cuplé Maastricht opened as a single brand store for the Spanish fashion brand Cuplé. These days we have been able to add supportive clothing brands and we create interesting synergy between our collections.
If you are looking for a comfortable, special and fashionable shoe, Cuplé is your shop. On top of that we can advise and help you to complete the outfit for any occasion you have in mind.

By now Cuplé Maastricht is known for its colourful collections, interesting prints and unique and different products. Everything carefully picked by us for you!
Shoes, clothes & more…

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In 2018, Colette Maastricht opened as a multi brand boutique store. Our goal is to to advise and help you to find that fashionable piece that will make the difference for you. A special occasion, a complete look or wardrobe change; we go the extra mile to help you.

Our goal is to offer you sustainable products with a superb quality that will last several seasons for you to enjoy, time after time. Timeless chic and consciously well chosen by us, especially for you! You are gorgeous in every way…

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Our products



Whether you are looking for a casual, chic or elegant style, within our different brands we are able find your look. Divided over our shops you will find an interesting mix of brands, from countries like: Italy, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Spain.


Spain has an amazing rich history in producing shoes. In our opinion, brands from Spain are way edgier compared to other countries. Our shoes are handmade in Spain, come in and fall in love.
Bags & more

Bags & more

A matching bag for your outfit, it sounds really easy and even logical, but in reality oh so difficult to find. In our collections we strive to have a good synergy between the styles. Perfectly matching items makes sense, come and check it out.

The Founders

Ria Bodenstedt, hard working businesswomen who thought it was
time to do something completely different after 20+ years
working at The Bank…

Alain Bodenstedt, entrepreneur who made his career in
Digital Signage and decided to join Ria in her adventure. No regrets!

This is us, Ria and Alain Bodenstedt, after another successful buying in Spain.

Ria and Alain Bodenstedt